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Daphnis Hübner (Oleander hawkmoth) The adults feed on nectar of a great variety of flowers. They have a preference for fragrant species like petunia, jasmine and honeysuckle. They are especially active in the twilight time, hovering over the flowers after sunset.

subject inspiration the Moth the colors , texture, print , darkness. inspiring FACT :The color on the wings of a butterfly is created by a layer of scales on the wing, similar to the scales on a fish. This is the "dust" that comes off as you touch the wing. On many butterflies the color is only an illusion. The color we perceive is created by refraction of the light as it reflects off the surface of the scale.

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20 moth species more beautiful than butterflies

White-lined sphinx moth: This large species found from Canada down through Central America can be spotted from April through October as it flits, hummingbird-like, from flower to flower as it feeds.

Long before X-rays were X-rays and daguerreotypes were de rigueur, academia had drawings. Simple, line-dominated dissections of fauna and flora; art meant more for learning than decoration.

Gynoeryx meander, Batocnema coquerelii, Adhemarius palmeri, Madoryx bubastus, Xylophanes tyndarus. Poujade, from Histoire naturelle des insectes (Natural history of insects), atlas to volumes 5, 6, 7, by Jean-Baptiste Boisduval and Achille Guénée, Paris, 1836-1858. (Source:

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Caterpillars of the US north-east – in pictures

Sam Jaffe, an amateur naturalist, is working to preserve some oft-overlooked New England fauna: native caterpillars.