Asian Styled Modern Bath with Steel Ceiling Mimicking Bamboo, Purple Walls and Black Shower : Designers' Portfolio : HGTV - Home & Garden Te. this could even be awesome in my dream library!

Window Seats Create a moment by a window. Canalside Interiors carries a range of beautiful Armchairs to help you create the 'moment' you desire. Our Arya Armchairs would work perfectly here in Jenna Lyons Park Slope Townhouse. Visit our Alexandria showroom today or pop onto our website: OPEN 7 DAYS | 38 Burrows Rd Alexandria www.canalside.com.au Via popsugar.com #furniture #canalsideint #canalsideinteriors #Sydney #Alexandria @canalsideint

Jenna Lyons Home: The Complete View - The bay window in one of the online shots from Domino. I love that they kept the chairs very

whites, grays and greens with big windows. i think this is my favorite look these days. sw-ghome2012-living

Indoors or outdoors? The choice is yours with the 2012 HGTV Green Home living room, courtesy of large sliding glass doors that open the space to the charming adjacent patio. Green accents give the room's mostly neutral color scheme pops of energy.

Eclectic Living Rooms from Erinn Valencich : Designers' Portfolio 2249 : Home & Garden Television

Dp-eclectic Bedrooms from Lisa Sherry on HGTV Feminine touches and soft hints of color make for a tranquil bedroom.

HGTV Farmhouse Inspired GREEN HOME 2012 in Atlanta - rustic den

HGTV's Green Home 2012 is a "Modern Southern Farmhouse"-Want to Win It