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The Top Visual Design Trends for 2014 (Infographic) | love the use of photographs in this

The Top Visual Design Trends for 2014 (Infographic)

"The Top Visual Design Trends for graphic design, web design, and marketing infographic by iStock Photo.

A typography infographic that tells all about typographic world.

Typography Infographic: All About Typography

Bold and Justified - Typographic infographic about fonts and typography

Anyone has tattoos and facial hair and I have all bands on both ipods so i'm a geeky-hipster ya dummy

Our last infographic on geeks vs nerds got a hell of a lot of traffic. We see it fit to now post the geek vs hipster infographic.

Pros and cons of using both RGB versus CMYK colour codes in the printing process. #Design

RGB vs CMYK infographic from Card Printing explores the differences between the two color modes.

women in STEM

Girls are smarter than boys, but where are the women in math and science? This infographic shows clearly that we need to change the paradigm around gender in STEM education.


Geigy, Tablet identification chart, Geigy Graphic Design from the UK. From the book Corporate Diversity: Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy, by Lars Müller.

An average day on Facebook.

The average user has 229 friends, of which are from high school, are co-workers, are from college and they only met once. In the average user was Two years later, the average user was five years older.

Charity Donations Foundation Fundraising premium WordPress theme, built on the Bootstrap Framework. #webdesign #wordpress

Charity - Foundation/Fundraising WordPress Theme

BEST Charity WordPress Themes of 2014 Responsive, modern and beautiful website designs ideas :) To take your passion to another level!