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How to Make a Prayer Card Box for Praying With Your Kids

I can overcome when the enemy attacks! Here are 5 main strategies.

How to Make Your Thoughts Obey Christ (and why it's important)

The weapons we use for the fight, you see, are not merely human; they carry a power from God that can tear down fortresses! We tear down clever arguments and every proud notion that sets itself up against the knowledge of God We take every thought prisoner and make it obey the Messiah. – 2 Corinthians 10:5 (The Kingdom New Testament)

Our Minds and the Law: Understanding Your Conscience

So while the world listens to a conscience that is based on feelings, we too listen to our conscience – and His name is the Holy Spirit. #write31days

To Be Glued: Clinging to God in All of Life's Circumstances

Everything in this life can and will be shaken, so clinging to anything other than God during difficult times is dangerous business!

Silence is Power: When Quietness Speaks Volumes

In today’s culture, we learn fairly early on to speak our minds. We all desire to be listened to and heard. We fight for our rights and defend ourselves when we feel like something is unfair. But are we really saying anything of value? Or are we simply using our right to speak to complain or argue?