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What Was Your Financial Epiphany?

If you're reading Retire by 40, you probably had a financial epiphany at some point. See what made me decide to retire early.

If You Read One Article About Selling Stocks, Read This One

Selling stocks is one of the toughest decisions that investors have to make, so here is the ultimate guide to selling stocks. via @collegeinvestor

When you think of your worst case financial situation what does it look like? With some planning you can make your worst case scenario not so bad!

If you've thought of starting a semi-passive income business rentals could be a good option. Here are six things you can rent for money.

9 Critical Reasons You Need a Will (Get One Started Now!)

Do I need a will is a common question. We list the top 9 reasons you need a will so that you can feel better about this important topic.

When it comes to money creating habits that last is one of the absolute smartest things you can do. Here are my favorite financial habits + tips on getting started.

The Life-Style Guru of Frugality

Mr. Money Mustache | The New Yorker | On his blog, Peter Adeney presents thrift as liberation rather than as deprivation.

4 Tips for Having a Successful Yard Sale

Having a successful yard sale comes down to four main points. Here's what you need to do to make sure your sale goes off without a hitch!