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George Barris Car Creations | ... rover came out of barris shop barris said that nasa contacted him

George Barris Shows Car Warriors Who’s Boss

steroge:    ‘One small step for man…’  (Test flight of the “strap-on” helicopter, 1957)

Test flight of the “strap-on” helicopter, 1957 (Ralph Crane — Time & Life Pictures)

Bureko 6x6 auf Basis Land Rover Discovery 3.0

Bureko 6x6 Hummer-Nachbau: Sechs-Appeal

Bureko is a work of Czech companies Burekone SRO, and they used Land Rover Discovery as a base

Colani Sea-Ranger - Rocketumblr

Given the weather lately we may have to rethink our company car policy Colani Sea Ranger - The Petrol Stop:

tar0.tumblr.com: Foto

Funny pictures about Awesome Turbo Propulsion. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Turbo Propulsion. Also, Awesome Turbo Propulsion photos.