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Making Abortion Illegal Won't Stop Abortions, It Will Just Stop SAFE Abortions. | Where abortion is banned women have been forced into visiting "back-alley doctors" or even trying to terminate their own pregnancies, frequently with horrific results including the death of the woman. All we want is the right to control our own bodies and futures. | #ProChoice #Abortion #Feminist

It's the quotes inspo prints that we love most about blogger Olivia's workspace (oh, and that ikea desk hack!). Our favourite is the black print: "Success comes to those that work their ass off"...ain't that the truth! // @workspacegoals

Right. You dont need to be an open book to anybody who comes along. People dont care THAT much. Respect your own privacy!!!

All the time! I don't say it much anymore because the Universe seems to consider it a challenge...

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