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By now, most of us have come across these images of  "baby crows" so often it induces more of a yawn than a fit of aggravation. If, somehow, these images are new to you feel free to check out my po...

Gorgeous Crow Studies!! CORVIFORM [adjective], shaped like a crow. by Lindsey Kustusch

Would want this in black and white with banner that says "It Can't Rain All The Time" but the crow would have to be straightened out

Enid Marx / bookplate with menacing black bird and lettering "Black is the Raven/ and Black is the Rook/ But blacker the Knave/ Who steals this book"

Lindsey Kustusch I first saw her beautiful and haunting bird paintings, they create a perfect sense of atmosphere with the colours she chooses and the brush strokes. Then I found her other stunning and some also creepy paintings where she created her paintings on a black background which makes the white line and paint pop out.