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Water cures everything and it's free! Drink a couple glasses of water as a beauty and health remedy!

Try fun home spa recipes to save on beauty services. You only need a few fresh ingredients.

Take my summer spending challenge!

Schedule a money partyA money party is a bi-weekly or monthly get-together with yourself (and maybe family) to tackle any of your financial / money-related to-dos, recap and track progress on your goals It's a party so make sure it's fun! Today's challenge? Post how you will make your money party fun or how you will reward yourself after on Insta, Facebook and/or Twitter with #MoneyCleanseChallenge to donate ‬(I pair mine with a fun drink! Current fave - aperol spritz!)

Join me for the 30 Day ‪#‎MoneyCleanseChallenge‬ - the perfect daily dose of inspiration, action and guidance to empower you to make big strides in your ‪#‎financialwellness‬. If you join me, I can guarantee that you will have more money in your bank account, experience more joy and will have the momentum for a financial bliss snowball.

Woohoo! It's day 2 of the 30 day ‪#‎MoneyCleanseChallenge‬! 🎉 TODAY'S CHALLENGE: Take the Money Persona Quiz to find out your dominant money persona. 🙈 Are you an Agnes, the Avoider? 🙉 Share your results via instsagram, twitter or facebook to donate $1 to a ‪#‎financialliteracy‬ charity! 🙊 Here's the link:

It's day 4 of the 30 day #MoneyCleanseChallenge TODAY'S CHALLENGE: Keep a money journal for 1 week. That means writing down or typing out everything you spend and earn for 7 days 🍉 Share this post, a photo of your money journal or something that's in it with #MoneyCleanseChallenge on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to donate to #financialliteracy

Happy weekend! It's day #6 of the ‪#‎MoneyCleanseChallenge‬! TODAY'S CHALLENGE: Enjoy a #FrugalJoy this weekend! 🎷 A frugal joy is something free or inexpensive that makes you really happy 🎺 They help us maximize our joy per dollar 🎸 Today's challenge? Share a photo of your weekend #FrugalJoy on Instagram, Twitter and / or Facebook and tag #MoneyCleanseChallenge to donate to ‪#‎financialliteracy‬ 🎻 Check out free summer events like concerts in the park, festivals or shows