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Space cowboy

25 visitors have checked in at Spawell Astro Park.

It’s linen bound, so nice and bendy, the pages are lined (always good for a messy scrawler like me), and there’s a handy date space at the top which I’ve never had before, and which I now LOVE – makes finding my random 2-week-old scribblings so much easier.  Plus, of course, there’s the small fact that it has COWBOYS on it (it’s okay, the husband knows about my *cough* thing for cowboys…).

(PS - there may be notebooks AND cowboys in this post) - LittleStuff

alien cake topper - Google Search

Blast off on an outer space adventure with two brave astronauts and their three glowing alien friends! All pegs measure 2 H.

Spock sings

Some people call me a space cowboy. Some people call me the vulcan of love.