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my role: Compositing Agency: Freunde des Hauses, Hamburg CD Text: Raphael Hermann CD Art: Boris Schmarbeck Beratung: Kim Maaß FFF Producer: Ise Seidl Produktion: Sehsucht, Hamburg Director: Ole Peters DoP: Julian Hohndorf Producer: Jan Tiller, Mark Rosenfeld 3D Artists: Hannes Geiger, Jörn Engelke, Martin Sächsinger Color Grading: André Froehlin Editor: Christoph Senn Compositing: Christian Heyde, Thomas Schindler, Yacoob Essack Design: Julius Brockelmann, Axel ...

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Смесители GEKKO

Смесители GEKKO


Side Effects Software is proud to release the 2012 Demo Reel featuring the work of Houdini customers worldwide.

Eagle Freighter disposing of atomic waste material from Space:1999 - Breakaway

¡Nos imaginamos lo increíble que será! Ferrari Xezri.

Our friends over at @royaltycore super duty is coming along nicely. #KegMedia #royaltycore #sema2014

Nike Tech Fleece. In between super sets and a Rocky-esque jump rope session, Jay found himself wishing he had a fleece jacket that was lightweight and warm for his 30 mile jog home. Luckily for him, Nike had a product coming out and enlisted Royale's help to create a short piece telling the story of how this revolutionary garment was made. Nike Tech Fleece is an innovative thermal construction that merges jersey with a synthetic spacer, allowing body heat to be trapped to create warmth…