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He had been working at the barn all week. From the pale morning light, through the heat of the peaked sun, through to the glow of the evening setting. When he heard a truck pull up, he assumed it was his brother. He threw down his dirty, oil covered rag & emerged from behind the old wooden crates, once holding jars of jam or honey, he thought, due to the faded labels on the panelled sides & the glass that still remained inside. When he stood up & saw not his brothers truck, but Bees, his…

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I love how he's always licking/biting his lips. It makes me think dirty things ;)

he finally got one after 70 years way to go Bucky

The eyes. It's all the eyes - his voicelessness is a tribute to the mastery of the character. Mortifying and beautiful. #geez Sebastian #bucky

Bucky as Captain America... Mm, saucy. I can't wait for Bucky Cap. :D

Sebastian Stan. there's a lotta smoulder-action going on here hahaha