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15 Effective and Fruitful CSS3 Tutorials

Swatch Book with and jQuery. A tutorial about how to create a swatch book like component that let's you open and rotate the single swatches revealing some details. We will be using CSS transforms and transitions and create a simple jQuery plugin.

Blender: Translate

Blender: Translate

Millumin :: create audiovisual shows

Millumin :: create audiovisual shows

Colored Thread And UV Lights Form Captivating Augmented Spaces | The Creators Project

Colored Thread And UV Lights Form Captivating Augmented Spaces

Como você iria reagir se um fotografo fosse na sua casa? Com o projeto Visita Inesperada (Unexpected Visit), o fotógrafo checo com nome desconhecido se diverte registrando a reação surpresa de seus…

Visita Inesperada – Fotógrafo surpreende modelos em sua privacidade

Czech photographer ‘Fotograf bez talentu’ (Less talented Photographer) offers us a funny series entitled Unexpected Visit. In monochrome portraits his models play the surprise of being disturb in their privacy. That gives a humorous result.