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Touchscreen T-Shirts Only a Few Years Away

Touchscreen T-Shirts Only a Few Years Away Most people have to keep their smart phones within reach. But what if instead of having your technology an arm’s length away, it was actually on your arm? Imagine clothing with touchscreen capabilities built right into the fabric — a truly "wearable" technology. Under Armour is working on it as we speak, but the technology isn't quite there... yet.

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

James Bond-like telescopic contact lens lets you zoom in on the world

A new telescopic contact lens could soon transform people with impaired vision into high-tech super spies.

Bliss Out with the Ocean Wave Relaxation Projector. Use it in your bedroom, bathroom or living room to transform it into a place of peace and calm. I WANT IT

New Plasma Device Considered Holy Grail of Energy Generation -- Scientists at the University of Missouri have devised a new way to create and control plasma that could transform American energy generation and storage. Randy Curry, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering, and his team developed a device that launches a ring of plasma at distances of up to two feet.

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22 Products People Who Never Leave Their Beds Must Have

This rotating cosmos night lamp that’ll transform your room into an intergalactic fantasy world. | 22 Products People Who Really Love Their Beds Need In Their Lives

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Transformers USB flash drive is ready to ravage your files, bring carnage to your desktop

Transformers USB flash drive. I don't care so much that it's transformers. Just that it's soooo cool. Unless someone wants to take a cool looking toy, they won't steal your flashdrive. Haha

from PCMAG

10 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts for Men

10 Excellent Holiday Tech Gifts for Men Mae: I kind of want it, does that make me a man? Does that mean I've regained the manliness I lost?