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Queen Esther of the Bible (and Queen Vashti)-Queen Esther the orphan girl who would become the wise & courageous Queen of the Persian Empire-this is an all original, G-rated, NON-PROFIT work of Love by MeloGinny Films. This film is interwoven with numerous Scripture verses. Research on life in a harem was done, as well a great deal of historical Biblical research, previous to making this film. You may need to click "visit site" via Pinterest for this film to play. (enjoy poem beneath film)

Beth Moore Bible Studies - "Rising Above The Storm" - Get Out of That Pit

"Paul Harvey : Our Lives Our Fortunes Our Sacred Honor" -- The most productive Ten Minutes you will spend this day, from the American Icon, Paul Harvey. You will never hear a more precise, concise, and compelling narrative of what America is than you will here from this great American Patriot.

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