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Maybe some of this iridescent wrap could be an option too?

from Mail Online

Can you read my face? Artists distort faces with magazine pictures to create bizarre expressions

Picture Distortion, like the other tape on fave pictures its simple to do but a good example of distortion

[reflective spoon] Tribute to Escher © A N D R E A • C O S T A N T I N I

Relative Self - See Yourself in Reflections of others

2/25-1 continued.. I chose this image because I feel that it is a proper representation of how the missionary's children would be feeling. These children are put in a strange place that may seem unfamiliar and empty. Their lives are turned upside-down by this change; part of them is used to their old ways while another part is trying to learn the new ways.

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Science Museum (IMAX)

Potentially great transformation of mirror mobiles we're planing to use in Part One, Scene One. Mirror Projection- could make a great backdrop. Maybe with light and projection, we could transform this scene into the night sky with stars…

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This Color Test Can Determine If You're An Idealist Or A Realist

Using other people's faces as a mirror for you - ugh!

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For rest print

Was thinking for this one u could take a picture of me doing my makeup in the mirror and one half of it could be like smudged and shit and the other side I could be in the process of fixing up or something?