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Dinosaur classification guide

Dinosaur classification guide

Funny pictures about Types of Dinosaurs. Oh, and cool pics about Types of Dinosaurs. Also, Types of Dinosaurs photos.

When it comes to vehicle makeovers, Imgur user skoodidabop  might take the cake for the best movie replica ever. He took a 1993 Ford Explorer and spent a year working turning it into a Jurassic Park tour truck. He claims it's still not done yet, but seeing it even now is almost too impressive for words!

What Started Out as a Junker Became a Jurassic Project, These 30 Pictures Prove It

I'm A Dinosaur

i ain’t doing shit today. i’m a dinosaur Oh my. if only you could see how many times my husband awakens me with this pose in morning.

"When I wake up in the morning and stretch, I make baby dinosaur noises."

I make baby dinosaur noises - Funny button with a picture of dinosaur baby says what noises do I make when I wake up in the morning and stretch