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ERA DISCORDIA: Inspired by space exploration, the Apollo program, conspiracy theories, JFK, senator MacCarthy, space dub and B-series space monsters. And also, tentacles!

Quincy, M.E. ran from 1976 to 1983. Quincy (Jack Klugman) and Sam (Robert Ito) are working as Coroners. Inspecting dead people they often see facts that don't match the theories of the police how or if really they were murdered.

Colours Theory can set a mood, attract attention or make a statement. You can create elegance, warmth, feeling and emotion with different Colour Schemes.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Children cannot learn until basic needs are met. If a child is not seeing clearly, how can they be expected to make it to the top of the pyramid? Vision Screen Every Year.

Lol finally found this I have been looking for it everywhere and had seen it but forgot to pin it Have to see it to believe it You don't have to pull strings to get what you want - Abraham-Hicks - Law of Attraction

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The Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna – Why Not Make A Visit As Part Of Your Trip To Vienna

El Museo de Sigmund Freud. Viena, Austria.

Programming. Turn off your tv. They only show you what they want you to see.

The stubble!! See? This only confirms my theory that Moriarty has Gangers and maybe is a Ganger himself! Who lock exists! See, my theory is that the real Moriarty died long ago and he has a few Gangers running around! This is why he killed himself so readily!