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Macro met kleine madeliefjes bezoekers

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Swirling Liquids Form Spectacular Macro Artwork

Using a macro lens, UK-based photographer Janet Waters gets up close and personal with all kinds of liquids, bubbles, food dye, and soapy water. Where many artists like to have control of their final product, Waters actually counts on the unpredictable nature of liquids to create her captivating abstract designs.

Close up of a Ricordia coral

Enchanting Macro Photos of Ladybugs Caught in the Rain

Macro photo of a ladybug by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz via 123inspiration

Tree Bark by Jim Higham

Dew-covered damselflies glitter like jewels in the morning sunshine

Make it snappy: Goossens has to work quickly because even a gentle breeze will shake the dew from the damselflies

Animals' Eyes Up Close

Fish eye, Suren Manvelyan. This picture is awesome, the eye looks almost planetary!

The Bumblebee’s Delight.

A girl went down to the river To see what she could see. The tadpoles were swimming, And she met a bumblebee. He had lit upon a flower The color of the sun. If he didn’t have black stripes,…

Amazing Close Up Photos of Snails

Close Up Photos of Snails

amazing macro work, some things I've never seen before! ~ Igor Siwanowicz