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Sea Urchin shells. I didn't know where to pin this. I love the look of these shells, you could probably just frame them as a print or get someone to print it on cotton, cover with vinyl and use as a tablecloth?

Corals. I really like the collage of the different types of Corals. It shows the wide range of colours it can be. It also shows the many shapes and patterns Coral can have. They have various textures.

I think this a good representation of the unknown side of decay. It's something some people wouldn't look at, so it's different.



Surreal eye art. Artist unknown. Re-pinned by author, Dew Pellucid (

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Things To Do In Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui-Thailand. Visit to learn how you can serve children abroad, travel the world and make a difference. (LDS Standards). Visit us on Instagram (ilpadventure) and Facebook too!

this is a good example of deep depth of field because everything in the image is in focus. it most likely has a small apature (so i would say quite a large f number such as f64 ) i also really like the image because of the colours used in it.

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This Is What Kylie Lip Kit Colors Look Like on All Skin Tones

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Narcissists Have Two Very Distinct Groups of People in their Lives

This is a connection work. The image show two different tree branch held together. In the background, there is a sun that surround by a different coloured sky, which gives the tones of the work. I think the two different colours branch could be symbolic the hope and shadow. It connected because the dark and light were excised at same time.