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Verdinero "Saie" acoustic electric Guitar ---

Steampunk Tendencies | Gibson Guitar Steampunk Custom Made by carlos4728

from Rainy Day Mum

5 DIY Music Ideas for Tots

Physical World use their sense of touch to feel vibrations from familiar objects and infer that sound is made when an object vibrates, e.g. vocal cords, a stringed instrument or rubber band

Beautiful harp. It is the national musical emblem of Wales.

"Young fiddler With tunes in his head And fingers like a spider Weaving songs; His bow spinning Webs of music For my reeling toes To jig in Music's breeze."

If only I could actually do this *tear rolls down as I smile*

The making of instruments is a respected trade in District 7 as it requires skill in the craftsmanship. It is a career of only a few.

Fingerboard Chart. Play around on this site, they have an interactive fingerboard that shows you finger placement. Very helpful!