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Persons of the Year 2005

Johnnie Cochran: THE lawyer. He was best known for his role in the defense and criminal acquittal of O. J. Simpson for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He had also represented Sean Combs (during his trial on gun and bribery charges), Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Todd Bridges, Jim Brown, Snoop Dogg, Riddick Bowe, (riot beating victim) Reginald Denny, Geronimo Pratt, and Marion Jones. He was known for his skill in the courtroom and advocate for victims of police brutality…

June 12, 1994: Nicole Brown Simpson (35), ex-wife of football player O.J. Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman (25) are brutally stabbed to death outside Brown’s Bundy Drive condo in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Nicole had been stabbed multiple times in the head and neck with defense wounds on her hands. Goldman was beaten and stabbed in the neck, torso, right hand and right thigh. Evidence found and collected at the scene would later lead police to suspect that O.J. Simpson was the…

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Growth Mindset: Notes from the Teacher

Do you teach your students about growth mindset? These notes from the teacher are the perfect complement to my other growth mindset products, including affirmation posters, flip books, and a growth mindset privacy office! Easy to use for teachers and very beneficial for students, these rewarding notes will reinforce your students for incorporating growth mindset concepts into their daily lives.