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Persons of the Year 2005

Johnnie Cochran: THE lawyer. He was best known for his role in the defense and criminal acquittal of O. J. Simpson for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He had also represented Sean Combs (during his trial on gun and bribery charges), Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Todd Bridges, Jim Brown, Snoop Dogg, Riddick Bowe, (riot beating victim) Reginald Denny, Geronimo Pratt, and Marion Jones. He was known for his skill in the courtroom and advocate for victims of police brutality…

Don Cornelius, TV show creator, host, writer and executive producer. He was best known for his hit show 'Soul Train', which he hosted 1971 -1993. Via his show, he provided many black musicians, such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson, access to larger audiences. Important elements of the show included the 'Soul Train Line', dancers (which kids at home tried to copy) and the 'Soul Train Scramble Board'. His show was an institution in Black households. Love, Peace & Soul…

Police mugshot of O.J. Simpson after the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman --taken 17 June 1994.

Samoa Bundt Cake

Tis the season! Samoa Bundt Cake is back. Quite possibly the greatest dessert recipe in the history of the universe. Chocolate and Brown sugar swirl cake topped with caramel frosting, toasted coconut and chocolate ganache. Not healthy, but totally worth every bite!

Dick Gregory, writer, activist, comedian and health advocate, has been vegetarian since the 1960s. Known for going on long fasts, sometimes up to 50 days!

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Nicole Brown Simpson-I remember the trial of OJ Simpson for her murder like it was yesterday.