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Things that happened before Sherlock season 3 was released

The empty house (the book equivalent of the empty hearse) by sir Arthur Conan Doyle came put 2 years after it last snowed in Egypt.

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Sherlock pick-up lines WIN ALL THE HEARTS.although this may or may not be a Sherlock reference.

All of this will apply to all further seasons (minus the last) until they have been completed. Here's to hoping for #Series5

"I also want john to ask sherlock what type of eggs he wants and sherlock to look him right in the eye and say. Benedict" oh my god, this comment! make it happen!

I really don't like most of the headcanons that I see. I think the vast majority of them are stupid. But these are a select few that I get a kick out of...

Not sure about moriarty being buried in Sherlocks grave but most of these seem legit << I agree with most of these head canons


Sherlock's all "You should've totally seen your face!" and John's all "You should totally see my face now do I look like I'm laughing?"=> that's the face right before john kills him.

Display this on my tombstone<<<<<<<<This is true beauty.

You know you're a Disney nerd when you don't even need the explanation that this is a Tangled-Sherlock crossover. I started reading it in my head to the music of "Mother Knows Best".

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

Apologize for the language. But this was just so poignant I couldn't let it pass by without repinning. Go Sherlock!

This breaks my heart. Sherlock is so amazing and brilliant, he deserves to be treated well! I love it when people really pick apart the little details in the show.