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Cloth of gold coronation gown worn by Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (6th June 1872 – 17th July 1918) for her coronation 1894. Dresses ordered for the imperial family were embroidered at the Novotikhvinsky Convent workshop that specialized in gold threadwork.

Chestnut-cheeked Starling or Violet-backed Starling or Red-cheeked Starling; or Japanese Small Starling or Red-cheeked Myna(Sturnus philippensis). Breeds on south Sakhalin Island (Russia), northern Japan and several small islands in the Sea of Japan (like Askold Island, off Vladivostok). Winters on Ryukyu Islands (Japan), the Philippines and northern Borneo. Fairly common in Japan, uncommon in other parts.

from Mail Online

DNA reveals the origins of modern Europeans

The origins of modern Europeans: DNA reveals Yamnaya people of Russian grasslands 'invaded' central Europe 4,500 years ago | Daily Mail Online