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Goldberg Sober Coaching, with Shira Goldberg, B.Sc., Sober Coach Don't feel comfortable pouring your heart out in front of strangers? Contact Shira to discuss healthy alternatives to keep your recovery momentum moving in the right direction in an efficient and confidential way.

Este artículo expone las prácticas que han tenido algunas marcas de alcohol al promocionarse con listones rosas que indican la lucha contra el cáncer de mama, irónicamente pues el consumo de alcohol es una de las causas de esta enfermedad.

Conversations about Addiction, Recovery and Everything in Between With Your Host, Shira Goldberg, BSc., RRW & Master Recovery/Sober Coach Subscribe Today! New shows premiering each Friday. We are off to an amazing start!

Neisha Zafutto is an advocate and recovery super hero. She is very passionate about the stigma that surrounds addiction and recovery and decided to do something about it. Watch her on The Addiction Show:

The Addiction Show Premier for season 2! Yeay! Please share and subscribe, it is already turning out to be an Ah-MAY-ZING season! An Addict Within by Tony Robbins Trained Coach and Author Mark Lipp discusses how his daughter's addiction took the entire family hostage. This show will really resonate with those whose children have been affected by addiction.