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#Pink-footed Goose, Regents Park, London, Eng, mar 18, 2010. (photo TRD)

Red-breasted Goose. Mar 20, 2010. /WS /p Regents Park, London, Englaand. (Photo by Pavel Durankulak Lake - Northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria)

Garganey. Mar 20, 2010. Regents Park, London. England (Photo by John George Richardson. Minsmere, Suffolk, March 2013)

Gray Flycatcher. Apr 18, 1991 *Mittry Lake near Yuma, AZ w/ Dave & Dad Photo by MarysanLakeside, California, December 2005

#Neotropic Cormorant. Feb 18, 1994. *Near Oak Grove, LA w/ Jan. ss mexicanus Bird perched on snag in marsh. got a nice look from our 1987 Celebrity station wagon. Listen to Cajan radio on local NPR station - all in French! (photo T Dudones. locale,Papago Park, Phoenix, AZ, dec 1, 2008)

#Great Egret.Aug 22, 1982 *Dead Creek WMA, VT w/ Jan + Dave (photo TRD, locale:91st St WWTP, Phoenix, az, dec 2, 2003)

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher. Mar 25, 1989 *Foothills, AZ at Fortuna Wash Photo by bobsofpaTucson Mountain Park, Arizona, USA, May 2010