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What The Presidential Candidates Look Like With Beards, Because You Were Wondering

from Progressive Secular Humanist

Mike Pence Promotes Christian Theocracy

Anti-Science, Anti-Gay, Anti-Women, Anti Condoms, Anti Abortion, Favours Gay Conversion Therapy. If given the chance, he would turn the U.S. into a Christian theocracy.

Imagin, if you will...a world where people are so brainwashed they actually…

Funny Quotes About Donald Trump by Comedians and Celebrities: George Takei on Trump's Deplorables

from The Hive

Trump Campaign Staffers Quit After Not Getting Paid


( They r infamously CHEAP No brainer~ Who own this company, why is it still standing farting shits at ppl. Pathetic losers, they need to see the world or understand the world properly before getting hired or work in ANY media company, it's a JOKE, OMG retards !!! ) Because you are what you watch ? So..what's it like at where u r?? U've got me intrigued !!

It's Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Minions make me smile. Happy Hump Day…

from The Hive

The Koch Brothers Are Finally Stepping In to Clean Up America’s Mess