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Le Festival Kukur Tihar au Nepal célèbre les Chiens (13)

Le Festival Kukur Tihar au Nepal célèbre les Chiens

Each year during the Kukur Tihar festival in Nepal the Hindus honor dogs in the loveliest way possible. This festival lasts …

Baby Panda learns to climb a tree in Chengdu China (at the Panda research center)

Photos of Australian Animals: Platypus, Skink, Lizard, More

Photos of animals that start with the letter P: A wild platypus seen in Australia, a panda baby with mama in China, and a pink elephant.

Mommy and her precious little one

Pics Photos - Panda Panda Baby Bear Animal Nature Cute Forest Mother And Baby Panda

chinese national treasure panda nine

It's a panda. A baby panda. No not a panda cub. Baby bears are cubs and pandas are marsupials not bears. But putting facts aside, "Aww, look at the little panda cub. He's so fuzzy wuzzy.

How come I always get time out???

Dear Martha Stewart: I have this brown stain on my nice, white, fluffy butt.

Panda gif(2)

Proof that baby pandas are the masters of adorable face-planting