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Fuck Yeah Paganism : Photo

RAVENS symbolize the veil between the world of the living and the dead. OP: "My spirit guide is a raven. I find it ironic. I have an awful fear that my spirit guide would be a hippopotamus.

Sometimes, the mind is quite intricate and perplexing, creating much thought but overwhelms us with its beauty, all at once.   Searching for Peace ——————&#8…

Dark Poetry: Searching for Peace

This is creepy!

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Raven Magik

Phantom woman, phantom ravens: Queen of ravens by Milolika on deviantART

Somewhere in Seahaven... --- www.aelowan.com

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy dramatic black and white photography - gothic maiden

Sisterhood, and close female connection is what I want.

Dronky on Vodka as seen :.A-ha-ha :))) If that illiterate could read what she did scratch - crafted.A-ha-ha :))) No,no , they are not prostitutes in that brothel."wrighting" kar-e - nina.Zlob´e & Bydlo a-la - "meUUUUUU - rikana ".

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Craft of the Witch

Witchcraft, in its purest form, is an art only understood by the Old Souls.