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How to Help a Deaf Dog

Deaf dog support is a good way you can help your hearing-impaired dog. Deaf dogs aren't much different than other dogs, they just perceive the world in a slightly different way.

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Causes of Dog Back Toe Dragging

It may happen on walks that you hear your dog dragging his back paws against the asphalt, why is that happening? Possible explanations to dog back foot dragging.

Dog Lip Fold Dermatitis

To take care of lip fold dermatitis in dogs you'll first need to understand what causes it. Once you determine the underlying cause, you'll be better equipped to treat it using appropriate remedies.

Causes of Nipple Discharge in Dogs

If you have noticed nipple discharge in your dog, you may be wondering what is causing it. There are several potential causes of nipple discharge in dogs, but as always see your vet.

How to Deal with Dog Noise Sensitivity using the "Hear That" method.

Dog Noise Sensitivity, How to Help a Dog Reactive to Noises using the 'Hear that" method, my auditory version of "Look at that"

The Link Between Hypothyroidism and Dog Aggression

Is your new dog scared of the stairs? Rest assured, you are not alone! However, if your dog has always been confident walking over the stairs and now is fearful, consider a potential medical problem.

Why Is My Dog Aggressive Towards Intact Males?

Dog aggression towards intact, unneutered male dogs is not at all unusual. But how does your dog know if another dog has been neutered or not? What is triggering this form of reactive behavior?

When dogs hit adolescence many dog owners suddenly are faced with a multitude of behavior problems that were never encountered before. Read more.