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A quote that basically describes the whole story of braveheart and how freedom can mean everything in this world.

motivational and inspirational quotes about life.

Wear yours scars with pride because as scar-less man has not felt the hardship of life or the feeling of pain.

For freedom... by *TatharielCreations on deviantART - Mel Gibson #CelebrityArt #Art

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Quote Book - Quote eleven

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Wallace speech from "Braveheart" To accept True Freedom takes courage. This is why those who control things as they are offer security in exchange for freedom. They prey on the basic fears of people to coerce them into voluntary captivity.

Everyone wants to talk about thinking outside of the box, but it's impossible to know what that means. Forget about thinking outside of the box and instead focus on living outside of the box. That's what really matters. #JeffNischwitz #NischwitzGroup

Braveheart (1995) My FAVORITE scene!!!!!!

Braveheart. Love the story of William Wallace

Braveheart--History is written by those who hanged the heroes. one of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie...