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GAGGED: Brussels tells Dutch MPs they CAN'T debate referendum result as it may fuel Brexit

EU has gagged politicians from discussing the Dutch referendum - Nigel Farage and Mark Rutte

Nigel Farage warns EU is DOOMED as other nations will RISE UP against Brussels' rule

Russia says Brexit opens door for new UK relations but US blasts vote as 'Putin's victory'

Trump congratulates UK for Brexit - and says Obama's endorsement CAUSED Europe split

Germans brand UK 'CRAZY' over Brexit and say we have BETRAYED Europe

'David Cameron is LYING to voters about Turkey joining EU' claims Nigel Farage

'David Cameron is LYING to voters about Turkey joining EU claims Nigel Farage - Farage and Cameron

Farage now MORE trusted than Cameron on EU as another poll shows Brexit ahead

NIGEL FARAGE is now more trusted than David Cameron on the EU as yet another poll showed a lead for the Brexit campaign.

'Dexit, Nexit and Sexit' Farage predicts astonishing collapse of the EU

NIGEL FARAGE has warned there will be a major break up of the EU – predicting Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden are all heading for…

Nigel Farage: Get behind Brexit as countries are RACING to trade with the UK

COUNTRIES scrambling to arrange trade deals with the UK prove Brexit was the right vote for Britain, Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said.