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I'm not a cat person but if I had one it would be a bengal cat.

"Be careful, Isa," I implored her, "You only get one chance." "One is all I need." She drew back the arrow slowly, fixing her eyes on the glass window of the stone castle. "I'm no little girl." "I know." I gazed at her, longing for some glimpse of the friend I used to admire so greatly. But all I saw was steely determination, and a fierceness that war had burned into her.

Hermione Granger, almost any of the doctors companions (including Jack), Tris Prior, Katniss Everdeen, Dr. Jane Foster, Black Widow, Maria Hill and many other Marvel ladies. Add anyone that I'm missing. I'm not very familiar with some Fandoms and wouldn't know the names of the females.

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