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a5c27d1ed21b0ef4b4a2b227dbc451da81cb3e04.jpg (805×960)

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me kitty cat love drawing art girl cute happy anime beautiful Personal edit kitten lovely artwork monochrome hug smile hugs anime scenery

mekaku city actors   http://myezmkurd.blogspot.com

Kagerou Project (The Story Of The Children That Rise Against) Image - Zerochan Anime Image Board

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17424609_1524664564210904_7764671056882917787_n.jpg (900×900)

42 Hình nền Anime Chibi dễ thương và đáng yêu quá trời!

chibi commission for thank you Info if anyone is interested >>> temp chibi commissions [open]hai guys~ if you read my last journal .

Neko, Friends

Mekucity actors!!! Hey there!!!! How are you, don't mind this moody sarcastic guy beside me . Yes, he's always been like that* giggles

คลังข้อมูล Kagerou Project - Special : The old days

Kagerou Project - Mekaku City Actors.  I already know i posted this i just need it for refrence and closer at the top so i can see it better cuz cba to scroll down ~~ too busy to do it ~~ teehee (^ν^) (^з^)-☆

I just pinned this so I can memorize their names. It's impossible to get their names straight just going off of the music videos. xD-----manga vs anime makes it even more confusing. I read the manga before watching the anime