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Think about the only pop of colour you see in this picture. The reflection as opposed to seeing the person who is jumping in the puddle. Maybe even the capturing of the water at the person's feet? Great Tip: Just because the person has a dress/skirt on, don't assume the person is female, the person could've done something prior to jumping in the puddle that made them wear it. MLx

t~~ I do this too....go outside and turn my face upwards to offer thanksgiving and praise to God for His bountiful creation...i love to breathe in the scent & feel & love of Jesus Christ every morn and eve...God is Magnificent in all ways ~~

nothing's great like a rain where you open your hand out and feel every drop in your palm... and nothing's great like that unknown pinching in heart which it leaves behind..

View On Black I felt protected. Outside the cafe, the wind and the rain were hard... I love this moody feeling of the foggy glass and the colors behind it... Taken at SNICE cafe Avenue and West St New York.

I like rainy days - The perfect rainy day to me would consist of being at home, with a hot cup of tea/coffee and reading a good book. So relaxing...