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Illuminati card game. Interesting. I don't recommend clicking the link, but definitely research this and see how unbelievable the images are compared to things that have happened. Keep in mind the game was created in 1995 and the horrors that came to pass, such as 9/11, obviously happened years later. Scary stuff. INFOWARS.COM  BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND

Illuminati card game


buttcheekpalmkang: “ gay-babys-first-playboy: “ mohicaaa: “ 💀😂😂😂 ” OH SHIT ” Bruh.

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I do the opposite... When I have to stay home from school because I'm really sick, all I think and worry about all day is I should be doing algebra or biology right now.

Have you done this or nah?

Yep and i send my friend a pic of my McDonalds lunch while they eatin school food