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Vila – Many people went berserk over the Vila I used in my proposals as it wouldn’t be a 100% with the real myth because the Vila from real myth doesn’t have one form… Well then I find another Storm Nymph, or better yet I just cut the whole Storm Nymph from my game.

Invunche (Chilean) - Torture victims of the Jack-in-Irons often end up as Invunche, terrible abominations of their former self these poor horrors are in constant hellish pain of their torture and behave out of pain and misery. Out of fear for their Jack-in-Irons master they follow his command and guard his place, but the Chain Giants often sell these miserable creatures to other evils.

Kampe- Greek myth: a loyal servant to Kronos the king titan she helped him escape Tartarus; consequently she was killed by zeus. She had the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a dragon. The had a bubbling mass around her waist that was constantly morphing into different heads of beasts. Like wolves, lions and bears.

kikiyaon- African cryptid: a huge owl that had enormous talons and spurs on its shoulders. It is a forest dweller.

Taniwha- Maori myth: a huge creature that guards deep pools, caves, or seas. They can look like huge geckos, tuatara, sharks, whales, or a combination of all of those. They are very aggressive and dangerous.

Obayifo- West African myth: a vampire/witch-like creature that may inhabit the bodies of ordinary people. they have shifty eyes and are obsessed with food. at night, their armpits and anus emit a phosphorescent light.

Yehwe zogbanu- African myth: a thirty horned, forest dwelling giant. He is a constant threat to hunters.

ichneumon_sketch_by_katepfeilschiefter-d50wqz1.jpg (900×659) A small brownish-coloured slender-bodied carnivorous quadruped, Herpestes (formerly Viverra) ichneumon, closely allied to the mongoose, and resembling the weasel tribe in form and habits. It is found in Egypt, where it feeds on small mammals and reptiles, but is especially noted for destroying the eggs of the crocodile, on which account it was held in veneration by the ancient Egyptians.