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Has your theology turned into idolatry? Here are nine questions to help you diagnose theology idolatry in your own heart and mind.

Tienda |

Tienda |

Les memes forment la culture, le langage et la politique. Et la Bibliothèque du Congrès a archivé tout cela.

The Folklore Of The Future? It’s Meme Culture Memes are shaping culture, language, and politics. And the Library of Congress is archiving it all.

You can never know all the wonderful things hidden in a library.

Suddenly, I have the desire to arrange our bookshelves by color. art by Colin Thompson. my all time fav illustrator.

Scandalous Photos of Shameful Librarian Confessions>> I think the most loved books have the most dog ears

Scandalous Photos of Shameful Librarian Confessions

Twitter fight! A library in Shetland and another in Orkney are fighting over the Harry Potter   author

JK Rowling accidentally heightens feud between two Scottish libraries

Rowling settles feud between rival libraries in the best way possible!

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