lol this is to funny not to repin!! Ahahaha

I'm Jace (Wayland, Morgenstern, Lightwood, Herondale) from I Just Ripped Your Heart Out and Left You Crying On the Streets Of New York and you are watching Disney Channel

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OMFG I was just literally crying about another post and I see Hagrids face

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Except of course she's not a wizard, she's a nephilim. The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones // Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone // Mash-Up // Clary // Jace // Hagrid

Photo: I'm the undercover, hardcore and the hardliner. Big time. 

Photo: I'm the undercover, hardcore and the hardliner.

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Now I take it as a HUGE compliment when people say I'm smart. Still mourning the lose of my favorite series. Loved all of Cassandra Clare's books, but it's a bittersweet ending.


Pretty much agree with previous pinner: "I don't care how this picture happened. I love it." Me: "Just Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel Radcliffe and their pets." Not sure who is the cat owner; doesn't really matter.

Vampire Academy...The acuarateness of this is unreal

This happened at my house. Then to make me feel better my mom said "you've read lots of sad books. And people died in those books and you were sad but you got over it". I then thought of all the sad books I've read and cried harder

Only TMI fans will understand this reference oml

“Remember when you tried to convince me to feed poultry pie the the mallards in the park to see if you could breed a race of cannibal ducks?” “They ate it too,” Will reminisced. “Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck.” I LOVE YOU WILL!