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By JP Libo-on And just like that…I find myself on my second week here at IAFT. Or, as I’ve taken to secretly calling it, IAFT Country. Sometimes it does feel that I’m in a foreign country. The whole campus is a veritable United Nations Assembly. Students, mentors and staff are a merry mixture of locals, Orientals, Europeans, Caucasians, [...]

What was your most memorable moment(s) while attending IAFT Cebu? Why? My most memorable moments in IAFT would have to be the following, in chronological order. On June 2011 I was casted for my first acting projects namely The Promotion and Walls directed respectively by Naveed Memon and Nicholas Santos. This was simply because out [...]

A Film by Allan Obenza

Truth by Yusef Tayeb

by JP Libo-on Congratulations… To me! I have officially begun my fourth week here at IAFT0-Cebu. I am now a month-old baby of this school. What a month it has been though. Suffice it to say, it has been an interesting trip so gar, and I get the feeling the ride’s just gonna get FUN-ner. [...]

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