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The Easiest Core Strengthening Exercises for Kids

Core strengthening for kids: ideas for making strengthening fun from a pediatric physical therapist. Great for functional posture, motor skill development, handwriting and more!

The Inspired Treehouse - These fun physical activities for kids require only two simple things - a therapy ball and some space to play!

Physical Activities for Kids Using an Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are great for vestibular input to challenge a child's balancing skills. Using a exercise ball can also be used in the classroom to help with concentration.

Sleep and Children with Cerebral Palsy from Your Therapy Source Inc

Sleep and Children with Cerebral Palsy

Sleep and Children with Cerebral Palsy Sleep issues in cerebral palsy can be divided into seven general areas: breathing disturbances movement impairments sleep wake cycles epilepsy sleep pattern impairments psychological factors pain and discomfort

Sitting, Focused Attention and Cerebral Palsy Your Therapy Source

Sitting Postural Control, Focused Attention and Cerebral Palsy


Infographics about Cerebral Palsy

I found a very interesting infographic about Cerebral Palsyand I thought I would share it with you hoping it provides useful information. It presents the common forms of CP in a nutshell and collec…

Activities for children with CP.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Children With Cerebral Palsy

5 Quick Bosu Ball Leg Exercises

5 Quick Bosu Ball Leg Exercises


Tracey Mallett: Booty Barre Ball Workout- Thighs, Buns & Abs is a unique, target-toning abdominal stability workout that is designed to burn fat, sculpt defi.