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Where most space operas are predicated around the protagonist playing the hero in a war zone, Trading in Danger is all about skirting traditional conflicts.

Brandon Sanderson's superb epic fantasy trilogy, available together in a great value boxed set.

Private William Mandella is a hero in spite of himself--a reluctant conscript drafted into an elite military unit. He never wanted to go to war, but the leaders on Earth have drawn a line in the interstellar sand--despite the fact that their fierce alien enemy is unknowable, unconquerable, and very far away.

Brian Wood's cautionary tale of 21st-century civil war and self-fulfilling political prophecies

Classic high fantasy of Paksenarrion, who leaves her home to find a better life. Through war, courage and the favour of gods she makes her mark - and her deeds will become legend.

Science Fiction with good characters

Spots the Space Marine: Defense of the Fiddler, an ebook by M.C.A. Hogarth at Smashwords - Help the author

from Lauren Conrad

Good Reads: My Summer Reading List

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams {Lauren Conrad's Summer Reading List}