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Spooky Stories: The Evil Clown That Haunts Ortega Highway

Multiple people have reported encountering some version of this creepy looking clown while venturing down Ortega Highway but others have traveled the road for decades and never seen anything.

Haunted Stories: Beastly Boy in the Bulrushes

Creepy Story: A Deadly Secret Wrapped In A Tarp

This happened when I was a teenager, living on the outskirts of a mid-western town with my uncle and his wife.

Paranormal Survivor: The Curse of the Witch

Creepy Story: There is Something Wrong With My Uncle John

The women in my family have always been competitive when it comes to cooking, especially when it’s holiday season. I can’t even remember a time when they weren’t all teasing each other way before November.

Creepy Story: There Is Something Wrong With My Son

It seems so pointless and ungrateful for me to even complain about what most people would say is nuts, but I have a theory that my fifteen year old son isn’t my son.