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from Backpackerverse

Paranormal Survivor: A Ukulele for the Sinister Clown

A Ukulele for the Sinister Clown

from Cult of Weird

History of the Ouija Board: The Most Dreaded Toy Ever Made

The Ouija Board began as a harmless parlor game in 1890. What happened over the years to cause the mere mention of the talking board to invoke instant dread?

from Backpackerverse

Story: I'm Pretty Sure The Hitchhiker I Picked Up Was a Ghost

I'm Pretty Sure The Hitchhiker I Picked Up Was a Ghost

Sharp, gorgeous light coming from down the track. #stilettos #railroad #traintracks #legs #backlit #rimlight

from Backpackerverse

Chico Student Encounters Jiangshi In Legendary Underground Tunnels

Straight out of a nightmare but as real as anything I've seen...a Jiangshi...

from Backpackerverse

Spooky Stories: The Evil Clown That Haunts Ortega Highway

Multiple people have reported encountering some version of this creepy looking clown while venturing down Ortega Highway but others have traveled the road for decades and never seen anything.

haunted doll Tabatha is the Roll's Royce of paranormal dolls people are intimidated by her because of her life like appearance and all the energy that surrounds her.

Wolf Blitzer by on @deviantART

Des photos angoissantes...

from Backpackerverse

Scary Real Stories: The Teenage Bride Who Screams Blood

When she screams, blood shoots out of her mouth and stains her pretty dress.