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Yemen: Niña de 8 años muere en su noche de bodas tras ser violada por su esposo de 40

Yemeni child bride, eight, 'dies on wedding night' Yemen locals claim a girl has died of internal bleeding after marrying a man five times her age, but official denies allegations

Yassssssss, Muslims are not isis, thank u fren for posting this ❤️

20 million Muslims march against ISIS and the mainstream media completely ignores it

You will not see this on main stream media. I demand this be repost. Not all of them hit or harm or mistreat women. Repost. Some are good souls.

Islam is no more unvaried than Christianity. Just as there are denominations in Christianity, Islam has its variations. Condemnations of all members of any given religion must paint with a pretty broad brush to encompass all the denominations.

No U.S sailors Witnessed...

Strange facts about the so-called "death" of Osama Bin Laden. There wasn't a Osama Bin Laden. The Twin Towers was an attack arranged by our own government.

Poland refuses 7,000 Muslim refugees after Brussels bombing. The United States must stop Islamization of America. Obama this is on you. Learn from the mistakes of Europe before it's too late. We don't owe them anything. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Poland today abandoned its promise to the EU to take in Muslim migrants because of the jihadist attacks in Brussels that killed The country’s previous government had agreed to take …

How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims :: Islamist Watch

CAIR tells School: Don't Criticize Hamas and the Taliban :: Islamist Watch

Obastard is a pos and Michael is his tranny...ironically muslims kill gags and tranny's....liberalism is a mental disease and the goat rape cult is just as hell bound...

Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk December 2016 Overpasses For America VIA UK DAILY MAIL Russian President Vladimir Putin held his rival Barack Obama up to ridicule on Friday by declining to engage in tit-for-tat expulsions - and instead inviting…

So stop saying Muslim terrorists are the problem in America..... Stop saying black lives matter is the problem in America. If your searching for excuses as to why these other people are to blame instead of looking at the facts, chances are YOU are the biggest problem in America!!!'

So stop saying Muslim terrorists are the problem in America.White homegrown terrorists attack fellow 🇺🇸Americans 3 times more often than Muslims.