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For those who aren't familiar with Marvel lore outside of the MCU, Red Wing was actually a falcon in the comic books. Comic book Falcon himself could really communicate with birds as well as see what they see. As the Falcon, he had bird-like powers resulting in insane reflexes and powerful instinct. Of course, in the film, Falcon and Red Wing both had to be adapted to fit into the modernity of the MCU.

YES YES YES. I took a class about African American representation, stereotypes, masculinity, racial theory and all of those difficult concepts. And let me tell you, the Black Panther broke many of those stereotypes about Africa and sought to break down racial boundaries in comic books during the civil rights movement. In the same way, Cap is important for not being a Nazi, T'Challa is important for being the first African superhero. Never underestimate the influence of the superhero.

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