Whilst doing mess free (for a change) sensory activity with a baby I also set up some small zip lock bags with yellow and blue / yellow and red paint. The older child had already noticed that when the baby had mixed up all the colours together the paint went brown. The older child was surprised as we made green especially as we have no green paint!

Cornflour.. I froze a piece which I had coloured and the children 'melted' the cornflour coloured blocks and watched the colour mix in with the white.

"Secret sea boxes" a great activity for children with an enclosure schema.

Water beads are great for sensory play BUT are a choking hazard for little children. All water bead play is supervised. For the babies I have made a water bead bag and sealed it. Babies (or older children if they want) can swish the beads and make them fall to the bottom. It's a lovely tactile experience without getting messy.

Wonders in Kindergarten: Our colour mixing journey: "We have skin colour!" Exploring skin shades, tones, and tints by mixing colours that reflect the individuals of our classroom community!

We had a very Hungry Caterpillar Picnic in the garden and as we read out the story, the children counted out their food pieces and sampled all the foods in the story. We discovered likes and dislikes, and also tried something new when we tried the Salami.

Every year, we go out hunting for items to decorate our scarecrow Autumn block. Children find nuts, seeds, twigs, leaves etc and create our Autumn Display

At first this box was the right way up, child would hide inside and close the flaps. Then it was a car with a plate for a steering wheel before it went on to become a doghouse and child climbed in put a bowl outside and made its home as a doggy

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