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Whilst doing mess free (for a change) sensory activity with a baby I also set up some small zip lock bags with yellow and blue / yellow and red paint. The older child had already noticed that when the baby had mixed up all the colours together the paint went brown. The older child was surprised as we made green especially as we have no green paint!

A place to mix and smash plants and water, needs only a few bowls and a stick, but is a great place to learn about how things change and sense of capability. medicine making - Stomping in the Mud

Plant a Garden for Imaginative Play

Plant a Garden for Imaginative Play - Perfect for playing with Safari Toob animals or LEGO mini figures.

Our Kids' Tinker Space on a Budget

How to put together a kids' tinker space for next to nothing. Set up a creative nook or corner that your kids won't be able to resist!

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