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Ever since the first grade, my friend and I have started summer with adventures in the woods behind her house, eating all the fresh red huckleberries and making houses for fairies.

Campari soda in een klein flesje.

Red: Red bottles ~ Campari soda Years bottle, by Fortunato Depero and Matteo Ragni.



The colour red can show love, strength, affection, energy and stimulation. Red can be energising and also affectionate within an image if used correctly. It can differ from the strong meaning of blood to as romantic as a red rose as a sign of love.   Example: This image shows the darker side to red and how ruthless it can be. It can put both a positive and negative image within the audiences head depending on which colour is used. Choosing red has made the image lean towards the aggressive…

"You take the Red Pill and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Wine Glasses And Bottle On Red Royalty Free Stock Photo - Image: 16176065

Rose petals

A red, red rose. Original pinner: "A red rose was given to me on our first date. Well, I didn't count it as a "date", just two co-workers going out to dinner and a movie.