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Pierre-Auguste Renoir, In the Garden, 1885, 170.5 cm × 112.5 cm, Oil on canvas. The look of the young man shows his intentions: he is asking for this young woman's hand and heart. Her response reflects her thoughts of the future. An unusual detail for Renoir here is the cross-worn by the young woman; it is placed in the center of the composition, creating the focused meaning.

Mother's Joy, c.1885

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mother’s Joy, 1885, 91 cm x 72 cm, Oil on canvas.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Child with a Whip, 1885, 75 cm x 107 cm, Oil on canvas, The Bridgeman Art Library.

La Coiffure

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, La Coiffure, 1888, 58 cm x 82 cm, Oil on canvas, Private collection.