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I love to know the stories and creative process that lies behind craft pieces and so I was interested to read about the new exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts, which looks at the intimate relationship between drawing and making. Drawing is often considered by makers to be at the heart of the

Drawing is often considered by makers to be at the heart of their creative expression, yet it is something that they rarely share with the public.

Hand Thrown Mug - Charcoal – Oggetto

Large Hand Thrown Mug - Charcoal

Simple, contemporary hand thrown mug in white stoneware and porcelain. Made in France by the professional ceramicist, Sue Ure.

Stoneware Luminary, Candle Holder, Votive, Elegant Home Decor, White, Wedding Decoration, Handmade Pottery

Stoneware Luminary, Candle Holder, Votive, White, Handmade Pottery

Anna-Carin Dahl creates lively, light and playful ceramic objects for everyday use and joy. Her collections are decorated with animals and plants from the deepest Scandinavian forests and each carry a little scene or story. Her inspiration is strongly influenced by her Swedish background, her motifs inspired by her childhood in the forests of Småland, Sweden.

Anna-Carin Dahl Tealight Holders

Anna-Carin Dahl Tealight Holders - modern - candles and candle holders - Hard to Find

yellow-rubber-dipped earthenware cups made by Up In The Air Somewhere. beauty beauty.

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Bloomingville style ⭐ www.bloomingville.com

Bloomingville style ⭐ www.bloomingville.com


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