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Up in smoke

amazing weird bizarre cool creative design sculpture mushroom cloud A-bomb tree house

Tamara Kostianovsky was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1974 and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her installations and sculptures confront the viewers with the real and grotesque nature of violence, offering a context to reflect on the vulnerability of our physical existence. Her work questions unchecked brutality while investigating the relationships between poverty, consumption, and desire, hoping to create a model of the architecture of violence...

Artist: Tamara Kostianovsky“Abacus" Installation art made from cloth and meat hooks We are eating Muscles, the word Meat is pure Hypocrisy

Itinerant Artist:Sheila Hicks | American Craft Council

Sheila Hicks "The Principal Wife" 1968 linen, rayon and acrylic yarns. Fiber artist, via YHBHS

Julia Ramsey

lnop: “ Julia Ramsey, ENGAGED An installation that explores a modern woman’s ambiguity toward marriage. Two wedding gowns, two story lines, two slogans. IN THE AIR, a knitted dress of golden thread.

Jacin Giordano “That unicorn is probably going to die” at Sultana, Paris / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE

Jacin Giordano "That unicorn is probably going to die" at Sultana, Paris

Manon Gignoux (Textile Sculptures)....reépinglé par Maurie Daboux ❥•*`*•❥

Manon Gignoux (Textile Sculptures) I like that these are called "Textile Sculptures".