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Girolamo Zenti: Harpsichord (89.4.1220) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Lady Seated at a Virginal" Johannes Vermeer, c. 1672 (National Gallery, London). And in case you are wondering, she is specifically playing the Muselar, a type of Viriginal (harpsichord family). The keyboard is placed off center to the right and the strings are plucked 1/3 the way along their sounding length. Doing that gives a warm, rich, resonant sound. via Wikipedia | #vintage #instrument #piano #art

Clavichord Maker: Attributed to Christian Kintzing (German, Neuwied 1707–1804 Neuwied) Date: 1763 Geography: Neuwied, Germany Culture: German Medium: Wood, metal

1736 French Harpsichord at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - For those who could afford it, musical instruments became objets d'arts in their own right: elaborately decorated and, in the case of harpsichords, even the inside of the lid was included in this.

Square piano, 1853 Robert Nunns and John Clark New York City Various materials; 2 pedals, 7 octaves (AAA-a4), serial number 8054; L. of case (perpendicular to keyboard) 46 1/2 in. (118 cm); W. of case (parallel to keyboard) 87 7/8 in. (223.3 cm) Marked: Thompson, Joseph Gassin, D. Perrin Gift of George Lowther, 1906 (06.1312) ON VIEW: GALLERY 736 Last Updated April 26, 2013

Harpsichord Maker: Jan Ruckers (Flemish) Date: 1642 Geography: Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium Dimensions: L. 226.1cm (89in.) Classification: Chordophone-Zither-plucked-harpsichord